About us

Qantara Media specializes in providing design and creative services for sport brands. Our experts in communication and marketing work close with clients to identify the best ROI in every action.

Advertising design

  • Working under international Brand Guidelines we design and adapt Advertising Materials
  • Translation and Copy adaptation
  • Resizing
  • Product adaptation
  • Creation of new pieces

 Catalog Translation and Design

  • Design and adaptation of international brochures and catalogs to local product lines.
  • Translation to Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arab.
  • Supervision of Printing quality and deadlines.
  • Supervision of distribution of physical copies to retail outlets and storage points.
  • Adaptation to digital versions for Online publishing.


Event flyer

  • Event flyers to increase sales conversion
  • Promote new products
  • Drive traffic to local shops and partner retailers
  • Activate event sponsorship reaching participants
  • Give visibility to celebrity and athlete sponsorship
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